User Interface Size

Hi, I downloaded Anki yesterday and accidentally increased the user interface size up to 150%.
Right now, I can not return its size back. I tried to delete and redownload over and over again but still not working.
Is there any ways to solve it?

Did you use the option in the preferences? Try clicking Ctrl+P to open the preferences screen and changing it back.

yes I use that option in Preference. But it becomes large scale like this and it does not allow me to scroll down to change size back.

Press Ctrl+Shift+; to open the debug console as described here. If you can type anything, try pasting this text then pressing Ctrl+Return:

Restart Anki after that.


I did as you said, it said no output. I restarted already but nothing happen

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Strange. Maybe renaming your anki21.prefs file to something else will help.

Oh after many tries to delete the prefs files. I got it back. Thanks for all the help from you guys :joy:

hey from where did you tried to delete the prefs file

That depends on your OS, see the link on Dae’s post above

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