The image doesn't appear. Help pls // No me aparece la imagen, si por favor me ayudan

A friend exported the apkg of his deck (with images) and they don’t appear to me, help pls

  • When you look at that apkg file – is it big, suggesting it includes a lot of media?
  • Have you run a Check Media? How many files are you missing? How many images were you expecting with this deck?

What is Check Media? And the images of the whole unit are missing, some images should be with texts and others alone (but there aren’t any, they look like in the photo) :sleepy: .
I tried restarting the app, updating to the latest version, deleting and installing the same deck and nothing happened. help pls <3

I am trying to help you, but in order to do that, I’m going to give you instructions and questions that you’ll need to respond to.

Like that one.

Tools > Check Media. Media - Anki Manual

It has 60MB and 1653 cards (most of them are text with some image, example the image below, and some are just the image).


What about your Check Media?

And then – Did you import the apkg on this device? Or import it on another device and then sync the deck to this device?

My friend gave me the deck (he exported it from his anki with the multimedia files), I downloaded it and opened it in my anki (but only the text appears and not the pictures).
Previously, another deck was passed to me and I can see the images.

Says “Missing” (Falta…) and “Unused” (Sin usar…).

That looks like your friend didn’t actually export the images they thought they did. Some things you can try –

  • Ask the friend to import that same apkg into a fresh (temporary) profile of their own. Can they see the pictures there?
  • Ask the friend to try exporting the deck again and send you that apkg.
  • Reimport the apkg (or import the new version of the file) – but before you do, restart Anki with add-ons disabled (#2 on the Troubleshooting Checklist, Troubleshooting - Anki Manual).