Syncing progress between phone and laptop/pc doesn't work

I just downloaded the AnkiDroid app on my phone and waited for the cards I made on my laptop to download. All the cards downloaded and worked, but the progress wasn’t there. I already had 43 Learning cards on my Laptop, but on the app I was at 0. I looked around this forum and found that people that had the same issue solved it by enabling “New timezone handling” or “Legacy timezone handling” - but I can’t find this anywhere. I looked on my phone around every setting in the app, and searched for “new”, “time”, “zone”, “legacy” and “handling” and I can’t find this anywhere. I also looked on the laptop and I can’t seem to find this setting anywhere. Does this setting still exist? If yes, where? And if no, what’s the issue and how can I fix it?
Thanks for any answers

If you’re using current versions of the software, that setting has been removed (the “new” was about 4 years ago).

Did you sync your laptop after you were done studying on it – and then sync your phone before you started studying on it?


Ah, thank you, that solved it! I think I tried doing one card to see if it worked before realising the progress wasn’t there and pressed the sync button. Thanks a lot!

Great! Going forward, to keep your devices always in sync, you will need to sync when you open the app, and when you close/leave the app, on every device, every time.

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