Progress doesn't sync between devices

When I review my cards on my phone (android), the progress doesn’t seem to transfer to my desktop, it says that I haven’t completed my cards, and shows the same cards again to be reviewed. The same thing happens the other way around.
I click sync everytime i finish/enter a session, so it doesn’t make sense.

Are you sure you’ve been syncing on the android app and desktop too?
Are you sure you’re using the same account on both devices?

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yes and yes :confused:

Thanks! It really helped.
My desktop was syncronized to ankiweb, but my android simply couldn’t.
Someone said to disable “Legacy Timezone Handling”, but mine was already off. So I turned it on and it worked.
Thanks again!

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As of Jan 2023,


Ankidroid > Settings > Reviewing > tick New timezone handling

and I managed to sync my mobile with PC!

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