Synchronisation ankiweb don't work with android

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Since I started working with anki on my computer and on my android, the synchronization between them does not work. For example today my computer displays 41 lessons to study while my phone displays 0 lessons to study. Know that I have on my PC version anki 2.1.54 (Qt6) and on my phone I have version 2.15.6.

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Hey, I have the same problem with ankidroid and ankiweb website I made 100 cards for today on my mobile and now I see an other 100 cards on ankiweb website. I changed this algorytm, now I’m also not sure if it works only on my mobile or also on ankiweb website.
Ps. I created the second deck and after the sync, I see it also on ankiweb website, So something wrong is with repetitions…

and I checked also app on windows, I see 100 cards there as well, so something is wrong, I would have to study only on my mobile, or only on app or only on website… If not I will see everywhere differen cards and it doesn’t make sense.

Thanks God ! I found the solution through the anki member “Chungmu” who posted the solution (Ankidroid not showing PC anki’s review cards?) . To solve the problem you must check the box " New timezone handling" in the settings of ankiandroid “settings ► Reviewing ►New timezone handling”.

Wow, it would be nice if this field were checked from the beginning, I guess a lot of people were disappointed after a few days and they stopped using this app.
Thank you for writing about this solution, nice job.

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