Sync error on computer

I got a new computer and downloaded/logged back into my anki account, but I’m not able to synchronize my decks with my phone anymore : ( I power washed my computer and redownloaded but I keep getting the same message " Your clock’s off by 19317 seconds. Make sure that the date, time, and timezone on your phone are set correctly, then sync again." Also, it’s important to note that the seconds have changed a few times even though I haven’t done anything. The first few times I tried to sync a little while ago it was only about 3000 seconds off. Both my computer and phone are set to the same date and the same timezone (being the New York one) Not only are my decks out of sync, but my computer resets the day way too early, and it’s really messing up my schedule, any ideas?

The error seems to indicate the problem is with syncing your phone, not your computer? Is it AnkiDroid you’re having trouble with?

I never had any problems till I switched to my new computer, I study using the app on my chromebook, and the notification is appearing on my computer, not my phone. My phone hasn’t changed or anything, and again both devices are set for the same timezone. Occasionally I’m able to sync it depending on the time of day, but for most of the day, it seems the applications are out of sync. I managed to sync it just now at 10:50 P.M. but for example, if I try to sync it tomorrow morning or during the day I know it would stop me. The chromebook application is called Ankidroid, and I definitely think it’s the problem.

As far as I’m aware, none of the AnkiDroid developers have a Chromebook, so they may not be be in a position to help.

My old computer was a chromebook and it worked for years though. I don’t know what to do anymore, is there a different forum I should try maybe?

AnkiDroid’s forum is