Can't sync laptop and phone. Says clock's off by 2612 seconds

I checked my laptop and phone time settings. They match, the times and dates are correct. How can I solve this issue?

Please see Anki says my clock is wrong - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I have already read the help article about syncing but it wasn’t helpful. I have checked many times to verify my timezone, date and time are all correct and they are. Whenever I try to sync, it works about 30-40% of the time. It’s odd that it doesn’t work the rest of the time. My laptop stays in my room. Please help me resolve this

This is the 4th Im asking this. I cannot sync my laptop, keeps saying its 6759 or 28750 or 83949 seconds off.
Yes, I’ve already read the articles about problems with syncing, restarting the app, and resinstalling the app. I’ve checked 100 times to make sure the time, date and timezone are fine on my laptop. 10% of the time, it can sync without any problems.
Please help me fix this problem. It;s been weeks and no one will respond to my messages about this. Please do not send me the article about issues with syncing again.

I understand this is frustrating.

When you created new threads, the first time it contained the actual error you get, which is why @dae pointed you to the faq, because this is a common problem so there is a solution that usually works. The second time, you didn’t post the actual error, so it was impossible for us to help you, which is why I put a link to the “How to ask” section of the faq. That is, both time you got an actual response, but you didn’t answer back. When we give you hints about what to do next like we did in both cases, we expect you to reply saying something like “I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work because…”, “I couldn’t achieve that because …, could you help me?” or “Here are more details: to reproduce this issue, I click there, there and there, and then this message appears”. Something. Otherwise, we can’t help you. The other thing is that when you create new threads, instead or continuing an existing one, you are “resetting” the support progress. When you asked for a second time for help, you didn’t include information about your clock being off, so I couldn’t know, even though you already gave that information once.

This thread is probably going to be merged with the two other threads you created, because they all are about the same issue. And, please, do not create any further threads about this issue, just keep posting in this one, otherwise we’re not going forward.

Besides that, could you also include useful information such as:

  • Your OS, and its version;
  • Anki’s version;
  • the add-ons you use.