i have problem when i start this app

When i double-click ơn the Anki icon, an error message pops up. It’s about the time region so I change the time and language to exact ones of my country but it’s still that
I copied that error : "In order to ensure your collection works correctly when moved between devices, Anki requires your computer’s internal clock to be set correctly. The internal clock can be wrong even if your system is showing the correct local time.

Please go to the time settings on your computer and check the following:

  • AM/PM
  • Clock drift
  • Day, month and year
  • Timezone
  • Daylight savings

Difference to correct time: ⁨⁨-53962.36⁩ seconds⁩."

When i change the time region to one of United States, is was fixed but if i do that i can’t have a exact time of my country

What operating system are you using?

Please see Anki says my clock is wrong - Frequently Asked Questions

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