Error message after click on star buttom

After installing Anki on windows 7 with 64 bit and after clicking on the star buttom I got an error message telling me that:
In order for your collection to work properly when moving between devices, Anki requires that your computer’s internal clock is correct. This internal clock may be wrong even if your system displays as a valid time. Please go to the clock settings of your computer, and check : - Am/Pm setting - Clock drive - Day, month, year -Daylight saving time Difference from the correct time: -3601.56I have to change the system clock as shown in the image above

In Control panel I clicked on date/times and after making the request settings the problem still persists. I reinstalled the software but without success.

Your help is precious to me and I thank you for your answer.

Please see Anki says my clock is wrong - Frequently Asked Questions