A problem with the internal clock of my PC does not allow open Anki

Hi there. Sincerely. I can’t open ANKI for PC. The following message appears::
The internal clock may be incorrectly adjusted, even though your system correctly displays the local time. Please access the time settings on your computer and check the following:

  1. Am / pm.
  2. Clock deviation.
  3. Day, month and year
  4. Time Zone
  5. Summer hours.
  6. Difference with correct time: 724.06 seconds.
    But, I did the review that I was able to perform, however, I did not get a good result. I do not see any other course of action that I can take on my part. What do you advise me?

Your clock is approximately 11 minutes early or late, and needs to be set to the actual time.

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