Anki Clock Error; Skip Admin Privileges While Modyfing the Clock

I am an Anki user since April 5th 2023. Didn’t have neither errors nor bugs until yesterday. When i wanted to review my decks, it displays the following message

" In order to ensure your collection works correctly when moved between devices, Anki requires your computer’s internal clock to be set correctly. The internal clock can be wrong even if your system is showing the correct local time.

Please go to the time settings on your computer and check the following:

-Clock drift
-Day, month and year
-Daylight savings

Difference to correct time: 302,62s seconds. "

So I wanted to modify the clock, it appears the clock is 5 minutes behind. But unfortunately, to modify the clock minutes, I need admin privileges, and the laptop isn’t mine, it’s from my dad’s job and I can’t modify the clock because I don’t know the credentials of my Dad’s PC. Does someone know how to modify the clock by skipping the admin privileges? Hope somebody can reply to this, plz :slight_smile:

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