Anki thinks it's the wrong time

Hello. I can’t sync with anki because it thinks it’s the wrong time. Despite the clock being set right to my local time in BIOS, when attempting to sync, it gives this message:
Syncing requires the clock on your computer to be set correctly. Please fix the clock and try again.
I’m using anki on Artix LInux, Already tried several solutions, like exporting TZ and using alternate 2.1.15 version. Only solution that helped is setting my hardware (BIOS) time to three hours back, but then my clock is wrong, and if i try to set system time to 3 hours forward, anki sync stops working again.
What’s interesting is that anki syncs just fine without additional configuration on my other computer that has system and hardware time both set to local time. It also runs Artix Linux.
Thanks in advance.

Did you have a look at this?

Yes, and I’m sure that my clock is correct, but anki doesn’t see it as correct for some reason. I need to set the hardware clock to UTC for it to work, which is not the case with my other pc.

Your computer’s idea of what the current UTC time is appears to be incorrect. Perhaps someone on your distro’s forums may have some suggestions for you on how you could fix it.

Please help me i have the same problem as he is. Ive already checked adjusted the time zone to 8+ checked my time on my phone and other apps everything is good. I also restarted a couple of times my computer PLEASE HELP!