Sync Error: Invalid HTTP Version Parsed

I went through a lot of posts about Sync errors here but I couldn’t find this specific issue around.

“Error details: error sending request for url (): invalid HTTP version parsed”

I get this when trying to Sync from a desktop (especially a work computer). The way I’ve found around it (for temporary fix if anyone else is seeing this) is to open the browser and login to my Anki account AND THEN try to Sync the app. Typically it works at that point. But it’s annoying and erodes my trust in the sync so that I have to babysit it and make sure I don’t lose any cards I created.

I’m running the app via OneDrive because I can’t directly install it on work computers and not using any plugins.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hey all, I know this was addressed previously in a post and in FAQs, but I’m still at a loss.

“Connection timed out. Please try again. If you see frequent timeouts, please try a different network connection.”

I’m using a work computer with no Firewall enabled and an ethernet connection running Anki via OneDrive since I can’t install directly on the machine. I get occasional progress, but mostly just errors. Similar workstations (similar protocols, connections, builds, OS, etc) don’t get this error so I don’t think it’s an error with international Anki servers. I don’t think the connection is unstable since it’s ethernet and seems speed checks seem reasonable. I tried manual (CMD) IPconfig /renew, unplugging the connection, and multiple restarts.

Does anyone have some insight on this?

Some schools and workplaces filter internet connections, and they can sometimes cause problems in the process. If syncing works correctly when you’re on your home network, you may need to either ask your workplace for assistance, or sync over a cellular connection if your workplace allows that.

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, since other consoles in the same location don’t have this issue, I don’t think it’s a filtered connection. It’s possible though, given the level of variability between computers (that are all supposed to be equivalent). I have a feeling the best I’ll be able to do on this issue is just avoid the stations that don’t work as much as I can.

I owe you an apology! You were right about it being related to a filtered connection. I spoke with someone in IT today where I work and the reason the issue only happened on certain machines was because a local “load distributer” was corrupted and was funneling too much network traffic through one server. Once that was fixed, all machines synced just fine!

And I’m reference the connection time-out issue, not the HTTP issue. I don’t know why these topics were merged. They’re not related.

They were combined because there’s a decent chance the two issues were related. If the timeouts are gone but the other issue persists, is that also limited to certain machines?

Well, I honestly thought they were entirely distinct because the HTTP issue seemed ubiquitous and constant, but the Time-out issue was isolated and new. But they both seemed to have resolved, so… I mean I’m stoked! But confused by the pattern at the same time.
Thanks again for the help!

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