Sync Error from phone to laptop

I am able to click sync on my phone and synchronize my decks/progress from my laptop to my phone but it does not work the other way around. For the past 2 days I have been using my phone for anki and I just logged in on my laptop and it did not have any of my progress updated for the past couple of days and clicking “sync” does nothing. On ankiweb my decks and progress are similar to my laptop version. i just want my laptop progress to be just like the one from my phone app please help.

Things to check when you’re setting up syncing for the first time –

  1. Are you using genuine Anki software on each device – ? You won’t be able to sync with other software.
  2. If you have some decks/progress on one device, and some decks progress on another device, you’ve got multiple profiles. The 1st sync will be a one-way sync, so you need to do a few extra things to make sure you don’t overwrite one with the other. Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Are you signed into the same AnkiWeb account on each device?

Once you get this set up, to keep them in sync, you need to make sure you run sync when you open the app AND when you close/leave the app, on EVERY device, EVERY time.

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