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I have a problem that is probably easy to solve but I really don’t understand how.
And i read many topics on Anki forum but i didn’t see this problem precisely.

I have Anki on my phone and on my computer.
I would like to synchronize both of them together
I’m logged in on both of them with the same email adress
But when I press the button “synchronize” on one or the other, it writes me “synchronized” but nothing happens.

I think they are not connected together even if i have the same email adress on both

Can someone explain me, please ?

By the way i bought the premium version on my phone (iphone) because i thought it was mandatory to pay to synchronize with an other device.

Tank you for your help :slight_smile:

Maybe you already did, but just in case, do you have any deck installed in any of your devices?

You first need to install a deck, and then you sync it. Then it should appear in your other device.

Yes I already did, but nothing happens when i synchronize :pensive::pensive:

Sorry, just making sure I understand, do you have a deck on one device but not on the other?

What exactly did you do and what were you expecting would happen but didn’t? What changes should happen?

Sorry if it’s not well explained, i’m french

I have logged in on my iphone with my email adress and i have logged in on my computer with the same email adress

I created a deck on my computer and a different deck on my Iphone

When i press the “synchronize” button on my computer, my deck is not synchronizing on my iphone

I only want that my decks are automatically the same on my computer and on my phone

Thank you for trying to help me :slight_smile:

Just to make sure, when you say that you press synchronize on your computer, do you then press synchronize on your phone too?

No because there is no “synchronize” button on my phone

But I can see each time i open the app that the synchronization is automatical, like in this screenshot (profil onglet) :

However, decks are still different between phone and computer

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