Difficulty syncing between laptop and Ankiweb

When i log into anki web it says that I have no decks created in my account. I’m not sure if I’m using a different “profile” within my laptop but I would like to sync the decks I used on my laptop to my phone and iPad. I’ve tried syncing and looking into sharing decks but I don’t know how to navigate it to do so

You can see what e-mail you’re currently using on Anki Desktop going to “Tools,” “Preferences” and then “Network”.

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Shared decks is something unrelated to syncing (it’s a feature that allows you to share your decks with other people). As @01101 pointed out, be sure to be logged in with the same account (ie, the same email address) on your devices, then sync your laptop, then your other devices.

It looks like you’ve got things set up now, but if you’re still having trouble, this intro video shows how syncing between devices can be set up: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube