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Hi, everyone. Most of the time I study at home, on the desktop app. But sometimes I have free time outside, that I could use to study. I chose to sync Ankiweb with the desktop app. Because then I wouldn’t lose my studies if I had any problem with my laptop. To study using my phone, I have to download from ankiweb to ankidroid. But then, how am I going to update what I’ve done and restart where I left, when I go back to the desktop app? An example: I studied deck “A” today on the desktop app. I synched with Ankiweb. Suppose there will be notes to review tomorrow. But tomorrow I have a trip and I will have only my phone. On Ankidroid I can see the cards to review, and I study on Ankidroid. As I chose to download data from ankiweb to ankidroid, how am I going to be able to restart from where I left, once I get back home? I mean… as I chose to upload data from the desktop app to ankiweb, the desktop app won’t download the studies I did on my phone, right? When I open the desktop app, I will see the cards of deck A as if I hadn’t studied them… How can I connect everything? If I am obliged to chose only one way to send data (download or upload from/to Ankiweb, I won’t be able to study using all devices. There should be a way to decide if I am going to upload or download data each time that I sync. Is there any tool I’m missing? Thanks

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. You can continue your reviews on any device that runs Anki, as long as you don’t forget to sync before and after studying.

Anki Desktop does it automatically on startup and when closing the app. AnkiDroid requires a manual sync, but reminds you to do so with a red indicator whenever the AnkiWeb collection differs from your local one.

Most syncs will not require such a decision. That dialog only pops up when there has been a drastic change on one end (e.g. notetype or fields) which can’t be merged automatically.


Thank you, your comments were enough for me to understand better how the app works :smiley:

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