Does Study History sync between iOS Mobile & Desktop?

Updated question :
Is it possible to sync the state of each Anki deck across multiple devices? For instance, if a user studies Deck A on their desktop and then studies Deck B on their mobile phone, can they sync the state of Deck A to their mobile device and the state of Deck B to their desktop?

Original question :
When I sync, should my study history (i.e. the decks that I have studied) be the same in Anki Desktop & Anki Mobile iPhone? If so they currently are not in sync in this manner. Thanks to anyone who can clue me in on this question.

Yes, after syncing, your card collection should be identical in both devices.

Thanks for replying. I’ve updated my original question for more clarity.

The answer is yes. However, be careful, I have encountered a case where Anki did not synchronize data to the computer after I completed the review on my phone, and my 150-day streak was lost. Therefore, always press “sync” before and after studying to ensure safety.

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