Anki desktop cards reset to new

All of a sudden my anki desktop reset all of my decks and i have thousands of
new cards. My ankiWeb still has my reviews and anki on my iPhone was also unaffected.
I’ve read that I can sync from a previous backup - is that what I should do on my desktop? Will the old backup include my appropriate reviews/new cards? I don’t think I have lost any cards in this.
I just don’t want to mess up my deck on AnkiWeb! Or is there a way to reverse sync - where I sync my ankiWeb with the desktop? There is no sync button when I log into ankiWeb.
thank you!

You can force a full sync from Ankiweb. Preferences-> force full sync next time. When prompted, select download to your computer.

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thanks! if i do a full sync on my mobile anki, will I force the mobile app to sync to ankiWeb or will it go the other way?
I can’t seem to find a directionality on my mobile Anki App.
My mobile anki is now the only device with the changes I want. Both desktop and web have reset all the cards

then yes, you should upload the version on your phone to Ankiweb. On Ankidroid, forcing full sync is in advanced preferences. I guess it should be similar with Anki Mobile if you have an iPhone.

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thank you so much! That worked! I really appreciate your help :slight_smile: