AnkiWeb is more up to date than Anki Desktop. How can I sync them from AnkiWeb?


I downloaded Anki Desktop a while ago in a laptop that I no longer have access.

Now, in order to access my cards again through AnkiWeb, the website says I have to do the new update and warns that AnkiWeb and Anki Desktop must be synced to avoid losing data. However, this poses 2 problems for me:

  1. I don’t have access to Anki Desktop anymore
  2. I know for sure that my AnkiWeb is more up to date than Desktop, and couldn’t find a way to push the sync from the web to the Desktop app

Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Thank you so much!

“If you wish to force a full upload or download (for example, because you accidentally deleted a deck on one side and want to restore the deck rather than having its deletion synchronized), you can check the “On next sync, force changes in one direction” box in Tools>Preferences>Network, then sync as usual. (You’ll be given the option to choose which side you want to use.)”

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If you no longer have access to the computer version, it’s safe to proceed as you have no chance of sync conflicts.

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