Syncing between two desktops

I fill Anki cards from two different laptops.
When I press Sync button, it asks what to do - either to upload the current decks to Ankweb, or to download the decks from Ankiweb to a desktop.
Unfortunately, there is no merge.
What should be my technique to successfully add new Anki cards or modify existing Anki cards from two laptops, so that no information is lost?
I mean some tips to choose - download or upload, if I don’t remember, which laptop was used last time to upload.

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So far the answer that I’ve figured out is: when start working on any laptop, first press Sync, then do modifications,
When finished, press Sync again.

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Yes, this is the answer for your question
Sync when you quit anki, and sync again when you start anki


Yes, that is the best method overall, once you have everything merged. If you still need to get them merged – Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual.


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