Sync Anki desktop application vs. Ankiweb vs Ankimobile

Hi there, I am new to Anki and have recently purchased the mobile version. I have just realised that on desktop I have both the application and AnkiWeb. I was asked which way I want to synchronise. I use the desktop application because I can browse through the cards within a deck which I don’t seem to be able to when I go to Ankiweb. However you seem to require Ankiweb if you want to sync with Anki mobile. The idea of synchronising both desktop and app I find very annoying.

How I currently go about it: I work with the desktop application. Then sync the changes to Ankiweb and then sync my mobile to get the updates from Ankiweb. That’s so confusing, especially when I don’t see the amount of content within a deck (on AnkiWeb + mobile) to confirm that each device has the same amount of cards within a deck.

So my question:
Is this currently the best way to go about it or how do you go about it?

Thank you!

You just hit sync at the beginning/end of each content creation/review session, no matter if you are on desktop or mobile. It is as simple as that. You don’t need the AnkiWeb interface for that.


Thank you @ferophila.
When I sync on the desktop application (not ankiweb) I alway get this message (see screenshot).
I then have to upload to “AnkiWeb” and then I have to go to the mobile version and can choose whether I want to upload TO the Ankiweb from mobile or from the Ankiweb to mobile. So there seems to be no way around keeping Ankiweb updated as well so overall quite cumbersome.

This will only occur under certain circumstances and rarely is an issue later on your Anki journey. Please have a look at Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual