Sync from desktop app to web

I’ve had anki desktop app for a while but i want to sync to web. is there a risk i’ll lose all my decks? how can i back up my decks in case?

Anki backups parts of your data automatically on your drive (Backups - Anki Manual). Syncing to AnkiWeb will create an additional storage for your data. There is no risk of losing your decks by using AnkiWeb. However, if you sync AnkiWeb with another device, be aware of sync conflicts and how to deal with them (Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual).

Comprehensive protection against data loss (device loss/defect) can only be achieved by at least one backup of your data medium offline or online, that is updated regularly.


To create a full local backup be fore performing any action you’re not sure about, you can use File>Export, and include all decks, media and scheduling.

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