All my cards deleted after synchronisation


I use anki on my desktop and on my samsung (ankiandroid). after creating a card a got a message that ankiweb (what is ankiweb???) and ankidesktop are too different to synch so i should choose to overwrite one of them and i choosed to upload my ankidesktop cards to my android. but now i have 0 cards on my desktop anymore. how can i restore them? pls help

thank you

AnkiWeb is the service for syncing your content between devices.

What do you mean by „0 cards“? There are no Anki notes when you look into the browser view (keyboard: b) or there are no due cards displayed for learning/review?

In case notes were lost, you can restore from an automatically created backup.

Please also read Syncing with AnkiWeb (especially. Merging conflicts).


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