Recurrent one way sync notification

Everytime I try to sync my Anki desktop - it tells me that I have to choose upload to ankiweb or download to avoid losing the changes on my desktop. I also have the app on my phone.
This happens no matter where I make changes to my Anki.
Can someone please help?

Sync your collection after using anki on every device (or activate automatic sync) and you won’t have any problems.

Are you being prompted to update to the new scheduler? If so, after updating, please make sure you sync and choose Upload, and then sync your other devices, choosing Download.

I only use Anki on my computer!

No I’m not being prompted
I only add cards on my computer and occasionally review them on my phone so I’m not sure why this is happening

Please, clarify. :face_with_monocle:

If you’re using Anki in different devices, you must sycn your collection across them through Ankiweb:

The solution should be the same in any case - please sync the device that has the data you wish to keep, and choose “Upload”. Then sync any other devices you have, choosing “Download”. After doing so, you should find subsequent syncs do not display that message.

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