How do I sync with my phone?

I’ve successfully synced before when I first started using Anki, but I have more cards and decks i’ve made on my laptop that aren’t synced to the Anki app. I’d like to study with both anki on my laptop and anki on my phone, but i’m not sure if I should click “upload to ankiweb” or “download from ankiweb”.
I’m basically trying to get all my decks and cards i’ve made on my laptop to my phone’s Anki app and the app is asking me if I want to download from ankiweb or upload to ankiweb.
I’m leaning towards it being download but i’m just really confused and don’t want to lose any cards and decks.

If you choose Upload, the content on your local device will be sent to AnkiWeb. You then need to sync your other devices, and choose “Download” to have them grab a copy of that content.

If you choose Download, it will replace any local changes you’ve made with the data that is on AnkiWeb.

Once all devices are in sync, future syncs will return to the normal behaviour of merging changes from both ends.

Source: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual, Subtopic: Conflicts
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