Don't want to lose my cards - PLEASE HELP!

I’ve been getting a pop-up every day saying to update my anki. I’ve avoided this until after my exams just incase something went wrong and I lost my cards.

I sync with ankiweb everytime I close anki on my computer and I also create back-ups to my computer regularly (including today).

Just now I went on ankiweb and pressed update and when I went to anki to sync my cards this showed up …

Which one should I be clicking ?
Please help, I have lost all my anki cards before and I really don’t want to make a mistake again !!

First of all, make a manual backup of your collection, just in case.

A) Click on download from ankiweb if your last session was with ankiweb
B) upload to ankiweb if your last session was with anki desktop.

If everything goes wrong, restore you backup and start again :wink:


In case you’ve never restored your collection from an automatic backup: Backups - Anki Manual


Hi, thank you so much for your response.

So I don’t actually do cards on ankiweb so the last place I used anki was on the desktop.
So I should be clicking the upload to ankiweb ??

Also do you know why is it might be making me do this after I updated my ankiweb ?

Yes, if you only use the computer versión of the program in a single computer, you should upload your collection to Ankiweb.

That probably happens because you haven’t synced your collection for a while.

I actually sync everyday when I use it as I am so worried im going to lose my cards.

It happened after I clicked ‘update’ on my ankiweb, but the upgraded pop-up is still appearing when im opening anki on my desktop ?

How do I update my anki desktop and is this something I need to do before or after I upload all my desks from anki desktop to ankiweb ?

Sorry, I’m not sure if I’m understanding your problem correctly.
I’m any case, Ankiweb is primarily designed to sync your collection between different devices, not as a backup solution. If you want to be safe, just make sure you make manual backups regularly, that’s all.

As long as you do this, (and after reading the manual) you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.

Ok thank you for your help. Sorry that my questions were confusing, I think maybe it was the way I wrote it.

Just one last question, do I need to do anything before I update my anki desktop ? - it keeps coming up with a popup that says ‘Anki ⁨2.1.49⁩ has been released. Would you like to download it now?’

Updating your Anki version shouldn’t have any effect in your collection

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That’s an important point. Become free, get rid of your fears: read the manual. Once you start understanding what is happening, besides becoming more efficient at doing stuff, you also stop freaking out, which you may enjoy.

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