Help! I accidentally synced my cards to Anki Web and all my progress got lost

Hi everyone!

Today, the sync button in my Anki App was red and when I pressed it, I got a notification saying something along the lines of “Anki Web doesn’t match Anki cards on device” with the option to either download notes from Anki Web or upload my notes. I was really confused because I’ve never had this pop up and I thought it had something to do with my unis AnkiHub and I didn’t want to screw up that file so I put download files from AnkiWeb. Now much of the progress I’ve made is lost which is such a bummer because I have exams soon and progress of like 30 hours is now lost!
Is there any way to restore cards? Please help!

Anki desktop creates regular backups. In the profile switcher ( FIle/Switch Profile or Ctrl + Shift + P ) there is an option to open a backup. Backup file are named with the timestamp of when they where made. Choose one that was made before you replaced your collection, that should restore it to it’s previous state.


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