Study Ahead missing minor information & Glitch on Creating Filtered Decks

Study Ahead
Before the latest update, the Study Ahead screen used to diplay the number of cards to be studied in the selected day ahead. This information is no longer available in the latest version. Here’s a screenshot that can maybe help making things clearer:

This is no big deal, but it was nice to have that information there. For instance, If I knew beforehand there was no cards to study in any given day, I wouldn’t even bother trying to create a deck.

Glitch on Creating Filtered Decks
After the latest update, Anki can still create filtered decks. However, before actually creating it, it will always show me a message telling there are no cards to study in the filtered deck that I try to create, even though there are cards to study. In order to create the deck, I have to tap “Create” twice (one for the message saying there are no cards, and another one to actually create the deck itself).

I posted a private video on Youtube so I could provide better evidence on this issue, but this forum won’t allow me to post links. Well, if anybody wants to check the video, add the following to the Youtube URL: watch?v=f9XjUrkdIOQ

Thanks for the report. The second issue is probably that the text you edited is not saved until the keyboard is hidden, so until I can fix this, tapping on the next field before tapping Build should work around the issue.

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Thanks for the response. You were right about the second issue. Tapping the next field or simply hiding the keyboard works just fine to avoid the message.