I want to create filtered decks, even if they don't have cards yet


I am in the process of creating a bunch of filtered decks that focus on specific subjects (based on tags).
Some filtered decks are for focused reviewing (where the cards are rescheduled based on their result), some are for just random cramming for fun (where the cards aren’t rescheduled).

However, I’ve noticed that you can only create a filtered deck when they have notes at the time of creation. This is s shortcoming, no? It means that I can’t properly administer my decks all at once, and I need to wait for when one of its cards becomes due again… which is when exactly?

So my proposal is that the Create and Build function for a filtered deck are decoupled, and there is an additional button in the Filtered Deck pop-up window, titled, “Create”, that just creates the deck, whether there are cards in it or not. This allows for efficient deck administration, without hampering the Filtered Deck philosophy.

What do you think?


I also put a suggestion to allow empty filtered decks creation a few times already. Maybe with some warning, but to allow it.
Btw: you can create empty filtered decks on Ankidroid.


Why would there need to be a warning?

Thanks for your tip w.r.t. AnkiDroid. That alleviates my problem a bit, although deck administration is so much more practical in a dekstop environment.

What was the feedback on your previous suggestions?

I don’t remember getting much feedback about this suggestion.
I think warning may be useful to mitigate forum topics like “Why my filtered deck is empty after creation?” while no cards fulfil search criteria. I assume that most of the users create filtered decks to have some cards in them and warning will tell such a user, that something is wrong with their search criteria.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve logged this on Add a 'create even if empty' option to filtered deck screen · Issue #2753 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


Thanks, Damien. Looking forward to this!

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