Stuck in advanced settings Ankidroid

Hello, hope this is the correct forum for this.

I’ve encountered a problem similar to the one described in another threat (Ankidroid-folder unavailable) (it won’t let me include the link).
When I open AnkiDroid, it takes me directly to the advanced settings with no way out, and I see an error message in German: “Auf das AnkiDroid-Verzeichnis kann nicht zugegriffen werden” (Cannot access the AnkiDroid directory).I followed the instructions provided in the thread, installing a “parallel” version from GitHub, but this did not resolve the issue. Edit: I installed the arm64-v8a version, at least it did not get resolved with that one! I should add that I unfortunately do not have it synced to ankiweb or a backup!

I hope someone can help me with that! Thanks a lot!

I’m just here to provide links since you weren’t allowed. I haven’t fought this issue recently enough to answer in the little time I have right now.

@Danika_Dakika, I’m giving an @ for extra visibilty since your name’s recently present in the places I looked.

Link for context to this topic: Ankidroid-folder unavailable

The mention to do a parallel install: Ankidroid-folder unavailable - #17 by Danika_Dakika
Relevant instructions: Full Storage Access · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub

Another mention to do a parallel install, but in a different topic: Android Directory is Inaccessible (version 2.17.6) - #2 by Danika_Dakika

Yep, it’s the same issue. There are a few more steps than just to install the parallel build – but with the instructions and links above [thanks @stupid !], you should be able to get things synced to the right place.

Make sure the app you’re installing says “parallel” in the name. That’s what allows it to install along-side your main app, instead of overwriting your main app.



Thanks to both of you for your replies! With the parallel version I have now forced a sync with AnkiWeb. From now on, would it matter if I only use the paralell version, or would I have to make the “original” version work and use this one?

When you’re done, you can switch back to your main download-and-update-through-the-Play-Store app and uninstall the parallel. But it doesn’t sound like you’re quite done yet.

After you get your whole collection synced between the parallel and AnkiWeb, you need to setup syncing in your main app to download that whole collection from AnkiWeb to the new AnkiDroid file location. You may need to sync a few times before all of the media is there. When you think you’ve got everything, I would run a Check Media in each of the apps – parallel using old location and main using new location – and make sure that they match.

Ok, thanks. Sorry if I sound a bit clueless, but would that be the steps explained here, even though I do not have 2 folders like he did: Ankidroid-folder unavailable - #21 by Sunday

I’m not quite sure what part you’re responding to, and i want to make sure we’re on the same page.

In your parallel app – what is the AnkiDroid directory set to (Settings > Advanced)?

The “old” location that AnkiDroid has always used is –

The “new” storage location is – /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ichi2.anki/files/AnkiDroid

What about in your main app?

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It is /storage/emulated/0/AnkiDroid for both actually!

  1. Switch your main app to point at the new location
  2. Set up your main app to sync with AnkiWeb and download your collection from AnkiWeb
  3. Then pickup here:
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Did that, after the Media check, they match in both apps. Thanks a lot for your help!