Specific profiles simply dont work (sometimes)

Please help me troubleshoot this issue. I would sometimes open up Anki to find that one of the profiles that I made becomes not responsive every time I open it. I’ve seen it get resolved in a few ways: restarting my computer (which only works sometimes) and reinstalling anki (which I’ve found today only works sometimes as well). Please help me figure out ways to fix this issue. Let me know what kind of information you guys need so I can provide it.

You’re on an old Anki version - there’s a good chance updating will resolve the issue.

Do you mean updating to the the new new version? I’m confident im using the latest stable version. I tried going to the older stable version but it wont even let me open the program saying, “this version is not supported…” or something like that. I’ve been using the latest stable version with this issue.

If by “not responsive” you mean that the profiles window immediately appears again when trying to open the profile, that was behaviour that existed on previous Anki versions that I believe has been fixed - you can check your Anki version in the about screen.

If you mean something else, could you please describe the symptoms in more detail?

By not responsive, I meant it becomes transparent, white, and I’m unable to click on anything until it says “not responsive” and it’ll end process and force close. I would then close it, open it multiple times until I have to restart my computer which would sometimes fix the issue… but then happen again another time… other times I’d have to redownload anki just to get it to work.

My current version is 2.1.32. Its an on/off issue that hasn’t popped up in 2 days but it’s definitely frustrating as I have 2-3 tests a week and I need the power of Anki to be working 24/7

Please try the other two video drivers, and see if that helps:


If it does not, please try the -alternate Anki version on the download site.

I’ve already tried the alternate anki version.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what the problem might be.