[sovled] .txt./.csv export of selected cards and selected fields

Hi all,

Already, Anki offers the opportunity to export those cards which are marked/highlighted in the browser. But when I import such an export into Excel, it has all fields within two columns (I assume according to the back and front side of a card).

But all what I want to have is an export of one single field of my selected cards.
→ How can I customize which fields to be considered in the export?

Thanks in advance for all hints and tips.

P.S.: I already tried to play around with creating new card-types, but so far I failed and I am wondering if there isn’t a more elegant way.

I think Anki simply exports all fields.

I don’t know much about Excel, but I think it might have an Text Import Wizard that lets you select specific columns.

If you want fields, have you considered exporting the Notes instead of Cards? Every field will be in a separate column, and you can easily pluck that single field/column to use for your purposes.


Perfect. That solved it! Thanks a lot!

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