Importing Field Names

I would like to import a very large Excel file (150 cols x 600 lines). The file has identifiers in the first row.

Adding these fields individually when creating a note type will be a nightmare. It would be much better if we could import the field names, either separately or along with the data, to create this note on-the-fly.

Can this be incorporated as a feature? Or can someone develop an addon that could do this?


If there was such a feature, how would you then create the card templates? It seems to me that creating 150 fields isn’t that much work compared to creating card templates for all these fields.

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True, but an individual card might only use a few of the fields, and this is no requirement to create all the card types at once. Unlike the note which has to have all of its fields defined before you can import the data.

And of course you can use an external editor and cut and paste the html to create multiple cards.

Not necessarily. You can create a notetype with only the fields you currently need. If you later need more, you can add those fields and import the original file again, updating the existing notes.

Good point. But for my use case, I need to migrate a small excel database into anki all at once.