Is it possible to create a deck from an Excel spreadsheet

Hi: I’m learning German and I’ve got a 2,000 row Excel spreadsheet with 3 columns: German word; English translation; Notes. I’d like to know if it’s possible to load this into anki and automatically create a simple deck with 3 fields: Question: German word; Answer: English word(s); Notes. It seems like many people could benefit from such an add-on loading tool. Is anyone aware of one? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

You would need to create a custom note type with 3 fields then import from a text file which you can generate by exporting the Excel file as csv.


thanks for answering. I’m very new to this, so please bear with me. are you saying that the standard, default question and answer fields can’t be used. all 3 fields would have to be custom note type fields?
then I’d need to export the Excel file to a csv and import the csv into anki? What are the exact steps involved? 1. create an empty deck? 2. create three custom note fields in that deck? 3. export Excel to csv file. 4. import csv into deck. Do you think it would work?

If you wish to use the existing Front/Back fields you can do that. The important point is to set up the number of fields that matches the file you want to import. Don’t be afraid to experiment - you can create a separate profile from the File menu to play around in.

thanks. I’ll do that.