How to (smart) import to a template

I have an Ankideck with a template I will use. Many fields.
I want to combine theese with several txt files.
I want each txt file become one question in Anki. How to??
Is it possible to make an excelfile with fields from the template and then import the rows to Anki.
I want to have the same fields as in the existent Ankifile.

The Ankideck is not mine. I havn’t made it. I want to use the template for an own deck but I dont know what to do!
So I wan’t to import information from propbably txtfiles to the Anki template.
How can I see the demands for how todo ?? What is the solution?

In the import options window you can choose that notetype:


Ahah :grinning: :ok_hand:

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