Importing an excel document into Anki

Hello, I’ve been having some trouble importing excel data into Anki. I’ve watched several YouTube videos on how to create flashcards via Chat GPT. I’m at the stage where I have pasted the data into three excel columns. Column A has the cloze deletion flashcard; column B is for notes; and column C is the tag (e.g. cardiology). I’m saving the excel sheet as a csv UTF-8 file (I was advised to do this from a youtube video called ’ How to Make HIGH QUALITY Anki Flashcards With AI (Low Effort)'). When I import the file into Anki desktop however, the ‘Field Mapping’ section does not segregate the data (i.e. Column A, Column B and Column C) from my excel sheet into Field 1 (Text), Field 2 (Back Extra) and Field 3 (Tags) for each flash card respectively. Instead it seems to put half of the information from a row in Column A into Field 1; Field 2 is blank; and Field 3 has the other half/chunk of information from the row in column A.

The Field separator dropdown Tab in the import window is selected to ‘Colon’ as indicated from the YouTube video above. It seems that Anki is separating the cloze deletion flashcard into Field 1 and Field 3 by the colon from the cloze deletion code within each flashcard.

Just wondering if someone clever out there could watch that YouTube video and explain to me where I might be going wrong. To my knowledge I have followed each step that the youtube has but something is evidently going wrong. Many thanks to anyone who might be able to help me or even offer an alternative way of importing cloze deletion flashcards into Anki from a spreadsheet.

Since cloze deletions use colons, they’re not the best choice for a field separator in text files. I think Excel supports exporting as tab-delimited, which is less likely to conflict with your field content.

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