Field Mapping of CSV file shows front and back together

When I try to import my excel file into anki, the front and back column of excel appear together.

These are some info:
Card type used: basic (front and back)
File exported using UFT8.
in my excel, I do use “?” or “/” or “1.” (see attached although i do not know if these have an effect)

Can you please help me on how to separate front and back together. When I choose the basic card type, the columns of front and back matches my excel.


What’s going on in the rest of the import screen? Did you choose the correct field separator? Does the data look right in table in the “File” section?

Have you checked that your file complies with all of these conditions – Text Files - Anki Manual?

Have you tried looking at your file as plain text, so you can see what the difference is between line1 and line2?

Have you tried removing line1 – since those aren’t the names of your fields anyway?

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The field name headers in your spreadsheet (Front and Back) don’t seem to match those of your card type (Text and Extra).

You don’t really need to include the field names in your spreadsheet anyway.
If you want to include header rows, tell Anki about it. Same for your field-separators (Tab, Comma, whatever). Let Anki know about it by prepending your text-file according to Text Files - Anki Manual

Do this either in your txt file, or one step earlier, while you are still in Excel.
Say you use Tab as a separator, then your spreadsheet could look like this:

cell A1: #separator:tab
cell A2: Histo of acute…
cell B2: Acute: panLobar …


It worked. All I had to do was to save the excel in text mode instead of CSV.
Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your help.

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