Importing newly created flash card in AnkiWeb

Hi, I am a newbie, learning a new language and tried to follow instructions from the web
and created a new studying card using what I have exported to Excel

There were a lot of additional symbols it created and I am not sure if I can delete them and the resulting new card will import back into Anki? Here is an example, I highlighted BOLD these additional characters. Can I delete them or I should keep them in order for the card to get imported back into Anki?

מה שלומך?**<p></p><p dir="rtl">**מה שלומך?**</p>**	How are you?**<br />**	[sound:100phrases_ma shlomkha.mp3]	ma shlom-kha**?&nbsp**;**<br />ma** shlo-mekh?

didn’t come out well, here are the questionable items I am trying to remove


Formatting and newlines in Anki cards is described via a language called HTML. If you export Anki cards to a text file, you’ll see that HTML. If you wish to import it back into Anki, you need to check the box that allows HTML, or it will appear on your cards.

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