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I was trying to make flashcards through Microsoft Excel, which encountered bugs. I made the first ten cards last night and imported to Anki though saving the Excel file as CSV file format. Then, this morning, I made 5 new cards in the same Excel file, after the 10 new cards I made last night. I also saved the Excel file as CSV file format and imported to Anki. But it appeared that both the old and new cards imported to my card group although I chose both “update” and “kept” options in the menu. Then, I tested for another time, only to find that if I imported a file containing both the old cards and new cards to sub-decks, the problem occurred. If I imported a file containing both the old cards and new cards to main-decks, it won’t happen.
—Updated : If I import both the old cards and new cards in the same day, it can detect which are the old ones and new ones, and if in the other day, it won’t, why this would happen?

What are you choosing for “Match scope” when you import? Text Files - Anki Manual

Are you choosing the same “Notetype” each time?

yes, I chose “notetype” every time

Do you also choose the same notetype name each time?

Unless you’re making other changes in your CSV file that are making the notes unique, there’s no mysterious way for these imports to be getting around the duplicate checking.

yes, every time. I have done my best for keeping other notes unique, but imports did get around the duplicate checking, I am on Mac system, perhaps it is a bug

It might be a bug – but it doesn’t sound like you’ve been able to come up with a reproducible case yet, which makes it very hard/impossible to say for sure. It seems like it’s sometimes happening and sometimes not, and varying based on deck/sub-deck and day. Things like this are usually simpler than bugs.

After you import and these duplicate cards/notes are created, is Anki marking them as duplicates when you look at them in the Browse window? The first field will be outlined in red (Adding/Editing - Anki Manual), with a link to bring up the duplicates –
If not, they aren’t identical enough, and your next step should be figuring out how they are different.

What version of Anki are you using?

Anki didn’t mark them as duplicates, I don’t know what happened, I am using version ⁨23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)⁩ on MacBook Air M1 on macos 14.3.1.
few moments ago, I try to import things, the “bug” triggered again, then, I retreat the imports and imports the same new cards again, intriguingly, Anki can detect duplicate cards, what happened? I want to export logs for you to diagnose, but I don’t know how, so I can just upload a picture.

Can you share the CSV file?

Yes, but I wondered how can I share CSV file on Anki Forums.

Use an external website like and post a link here. If you can’t post links, paste the link as parts like gofile .io /test.

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