Anki converted all basic flashcards into cloze flashcards

I combined a number of anki sets into a big deck to try and study them all. In the process it seems that some of my cards, which were originally set as basic front and back flashcards have been converted into cloze deletion cards
therefore when I try to click through them there is a message to ‘insert cloze deletion’
when i try and insert the cloze deletion however there is a message that says ‘the template of this note does no contain a cloze field. Please add a cloze field in edit templates first’
I have tried

  • changing the cloze field in edit templates however now, even now when I am able to insert the deletion, the overall message of ‘insert cloze deletion remains’
  • i have tried importing and exporting decks to try and resync them
  • I have tried removing the decks from the big deck I initally put them in, and that has not fixed the issue

Ideally I would like all my decks to remain as basic back and front flashcards, otherwise I will have to change them all to cloze deletion and my medical school exams are in 3 weeks!!
Any help appreciated

Returning to a backup before the decks were merged?


wow thank you so much !! Fixed !

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