Cloze cards to regular flashcards?

I made flash cards as a cloze type but not all of them had cloze on them. Now I have 82 flashcards that have the " No cloze ⁨1⁩ found on card. Please either add a cloze deletion, or use the Empty Cards tool.
More information" on the front card and the appropriate answer on the back.

I clicked on more information and empty the cards thinking it would just become a normal flashcard like I wanted but it deleted the 82 cards. I was able to retrieve them and now I am just trying to get these Cloze cards to regular flash cards, is this possible?

Thank you!

You can select the cards in the browser and change the notetype to Basic for example. If you can’t figure out the exact process, let me know how your cards look like exactly so I can be more specific.

these are what my cards look like! I tried to go to browser and select that cards then clicked on basic but it only showed which basic cards I have, which is none cause they are all cloze.

Thank you so much for you help! I have never used anki before

After you’ve selected the cards in the browser, rightclick one of them and choose Change notetype. Set the new notetype to Basic. The rest of the settings should be fine: The Text field will be mapped to the Front field and Extra to Back. After you’ve confirmed the dialogue, everything should be as you’d expect.
Note for future cards that the cloze notetype is basically just a handy way to automatically create front and back of a card from the same field (Text) using the {{...}} syntax. The Extra field is just for additional information that isn’t part of the quizzed information.
When in doubt, use a notetype like Basic where you can freely decide how and where the fields are displayed.