Adding questions to SEPERATE cards, quickly

Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me how to do the following:

I want to make a SEPARATE card out of each of the following questions. (one card for #63, one card for #64, one card for #65).

I want to have different cards so I have more power on tagging individual card,right now if I have more than one clones in one card and I tag only ONE of them,then the tag applies to all the clones in that card. (ex., if I add tag to #63, the tag applies to #64, and #65, even though I don’t want this to happen.)

My question: Is there a way to make a SEPARATE cards for each question without having to upload each INDIVIDUAL question to the anki and then pressing add? This is a very time consuming process.

Is there anyway to upload a word document containing all the questions and then the Anki making INDIVIDUAL cards out of each question?

Thanks guys.

You can upload plain text files, if they are formatted correctly. Text Files - Anki Manual

But keep in mind when you are importing, you are creating Notes, and Anki uses that note type to determine which Cards get made Getting Started - Anki Manual . So make sure you’re selecting the right note type in your import file Text Files - Anki Manual . (Once way to make sure you’re have the right format for your file is to export a sample Note that uses the type, decks, etc. that you want, and then use that as a pattern to add you new notes to before importing.)

Is there anyway to use Onenote for CSV?

I watched couple of videos and they all say to use Excel for CSV. As you can see from screenshot, I don’t know how to incorporate the uworld screenshot into the excel efficiently.

Except to the extent that OneNote supports embedded Excel spreadsheets, I don’t think there’s any overalap betweeen OneNote files and csv files (and even then, I think you’d have to go back to Excel to turn it into a csv).

Yes, Excel is one option – sometimes a spreadsheet editor is easier because it puts all your text in easy-to-deal-with boxes/cells. But any text editor can produce a csv – it all comes down to formatting.

I’m not familiar with uworld, but anything you have as text can be made into a csv. If you’re starting from screenshots, you’ll need something to recognize (OCR) the text first, depending on the software, that can of course introduce some errors in the text.

If you want to use screenshots as screenshots – like doing image occlusion Adding/Editing - Anki Manual – you’re probably better off adding them one note at a time.

I see, Thank you for your help.

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