Help importing cards into different note types

Hello, I am trying to import vocab lists from excel into two note types, Basic and Type-in-the-answer.

However, when I import these large lists it only lets me import one note type at a time. So I get a long stretch of only basic cards before I ever get to my type-in-the-answer format.

I would like to alternate between the two before moving onto the next term. So I recognize the term, and then the next card is the same word, but type-in-the-answer.

Is there an easy way to do this? Thank you!

You don’t want different notetypes, because that would mean adding several notes with the same data. Instead, create a new notetype with two cards, one like the Basic card and one like the Type-in card.
That’s one of Anki’s selling points: You only add the data once, and can then create cards arbitrarily.

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So I was able to do this and get it working.

For my purposes though, I would like to schedule the cards so I do a Basic (Card 1) and then for the same term do the Type-in-answer (Card 2). When I create the new card types it lumps all of the basic flashcards at the top of my schedule, and then all of the typing ones at the bottom.

Is there a way to schedule the same word twice in a row with its different card types?

I don’t think so. With Anki, you shouldn’t rely on seeing any one card before another because cards are scheduled to appear as independent of each other as possible.

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