Most efficient way to enter lots of notes using one Card Type, and then recreate all the SAME notes associated with a DIFFERENT Card Type?


I want to add the same series of notes into Anki that will be associated with TWO different Card Types.

My thinking here is to have a unique style for each card. The presentation of the material will be slightly modified in the Card Templates.

I’m just getting my bearings with Anki, so please forgive me if I misuse any terminology. What would be the most efficient way to go about achieving this without having to enter al the notes again by hand?

Here’s what I thought: use the application to enter the notes as normally.


Somehow go into the browse mode, select all the notes; somehow paste them; and somehow group edit the Card Type that they’re using?

Now, that’s just based on my day-to-day understanding of how the computer programs I’m familiar with work. What’s the most efficient way to get this done based on everyone’s actual long term experience with Anki?

Put another way - what’s the fastest way AFTER entering the notes under Note Type A / Card Type A to then recreate all the SAME notes using Note Type A / Card Type B?

Many thanks,

Klip Turango

If you add a second card type to a note type, Anki will automatically create new cards for the existing notes.


I’m a new user, too. Please can you explain how that works - steps in detail? I can’t follow.

Thank you!


Browser > Click a card > Cards > Options > Add card type > Yes.
Then edit your new card type as you wish


Also: Card Templates - Anki Manual

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Hi @cqg !

Thanks for your reply. I’m confused. I tried:

Browser > Click a card > Cards > Options > Add card type > Yes

But…I didn’t see any choice for “Options”:

What do you think is happening?



Click on the “Cards” button, not the menu:

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