Changing the type of several notes


(I already apologies for my grammar mistakes I’m French) I was wondering if it was possible to change the notetype for several notes and even for an entire deck. I have my vocabulary deck which only has the “French->English” structure and I would like to change it in order to add the “English->French” structure, but I have like 400 words and I am not brave enough to do it for all of them individualy. I’ve already tried Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Maj+M in the deck but it told me that I had to choose only one notetype, which is strange because they all have the same notetype. Do you have any idea ?

They probably don’t. Maybe they have similar or identical note types (differing only in name, maybe). Enabling the Note browser column could help see the type of each note.

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Well it was that thank you very much ! Just I could change the note type, but it doesn’t seem to add the new cards, it just changes the originals to “English->French” (logic I admitt it). So how do I add those cards while keeping the original ones ? (I realized that Anki doesn’t really authorize to duplicate so I don’t know what to do)

So you want to basically add new cards in the form English>French along the French->English cards? This requires adding a new card type from the templates screen of the note type. In Anki a note type can generate multiple cards by adding multiple card types that have different front and back templates.

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It worked tanks a lot !! Let’s go for 500 words