Importing separate decks from an excel spread sheet

I typically upload upwards of 100 cards at a time which can be time-consuming. I separate and organize them into smaller decks manually. For example, 100 cards into 10 separate decks with 10 cards in each deck.

Is there a way I can import an excel spreadsheet into individual separate decks with a single import?

Maybe uploading each card with the individual deck name such as:

1 Business Writting::01. Cover Letter & Resume::01. Cover Letter: 1st Impression
1 Business Writting::01. Cover Letter & Resume::02. Cover Letter: AIDA: Attention
1 Business Writting::01. Cover Letter & Resume::03. Cover Letter: AIDA: Interest

Here are all the options you can find about importing. Besides that, It is discouraged to use too many decks. If you want to “classify” your cards, you should use tags instead, as they are more flexible and Anki was designed to handle a lot more of them than decks. For instance, tags can be managed when importing notes.

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