Sound not playing on iOS


I’m not able to play sounds in my iOS Anki app. Autoplay and clicking the play button does not play any sound.

The phone is not in silent mode or connected to any headphones. “Interrupt Current Audio”, “Autoplay in Silent Mode” & “Always Duck Background” settings are enabled.

Audio is working fine on the same cards in Anki Desktop.

I’m running Anki version 23.12.1 on iOS 17.3.1.

Any idea what is causing this problem?

Are these notes/cards/audio files that have been recently added to your collection? Or have you recently synced them to AnkiMobile for the first time?

I created them recently via Anki desktop and synced them to mobile.

It’s likely they haven’t synced to your mobile yet. Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

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That’s likely it. Please check they work on AnkiWeb (indicating desktop has synced), then make sure ‘media sync complete’ is shown on your phone. If issues exist after that, please let me know a specific card that’s not working so I can check your AnkiWeb collection.

Sound is playing on AnkiWeb. Media sync log on mobile tells me sync is complete. Still no sound on mobile.

How can I share a specific card with you? Is the ID in edit URL (1707773041554) sufficient?

Thanks, I was able to locate the card.

The problem is the file is not in the correct format. It’s labeled as a .mp3, but it’s actually an .ogg file. iOS’s media player does not support .ogg files. If you transcode the audio into .mp3 format, you should then be able to play it. You may be able to do this in bulk using tools like ffmpeg.

Never thought about checking the file type…

Many thanks.

I have a similar problem. I recently got the Anki Mobile app on my iPad and the sounds labeled as .mp3 in my flashcards play in the Desktop version but not in the iPad version.
How were you able to solve the problem?
I would appreciate your help

I have been working with the Anki Desktop version. I recently got the Anki Mobile app on my iPad and synced all my decks.
The problem I have is that the sound in my flashcards only play in the Desktop version but not in the iPad version. All of the sounds are shown as .mp3.

The only thing I got in the iPad version when it first happened was this message:

Error playing audio. This can be caused by a corrupt file, a file iOS does not support (eg .ogg), or an mp3 file incorrectly named .wav
腕時計-1070613.mp3: Error Domain=NSOSSTatusErrorDomain Code=1685348671 “(null)”

Any ideas How how to solve this problem?

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Have you checked the files to make sure they aren’t the wrong filetype? That was the solution in the other post you found.

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You appear to have the same issue as the original poster, but they use a different operating system, so the way they fixed it may not be helpful for you. You could try using something like to convert the files in bulk, but I’m afraid I have no experience with it.

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How do I check the filetype?
I use the Anki Desktop on my PC to create my flashcards. I have the Add-on to attach/download the sounds from Forvo to my flashcards.
In all of my flashcards the sound looks similar to this: [sound:ひと-3645839.mp3]
They all have the .mp3 in the end.

Any idea of what could be the problem? Or how to fix it?

Which add-on are you using? If it’s downloading an ogg and mislabeling it as an mp3, that seems like the cause.

It appears to be a common problem with the add-on: Some mp3 audio files don't work in iOS Anki but work on macOS

This app can tell you what format a file is in: MediaInfo. But converting files can be somewhat complicated if you’re not so familiar with computers, so you may find it easier to add audio to your cards using some other method (a different add-on, the built-in TTS support, etc.

It looks like the Add-on is called Simple Forvo Audio Downloader

I really want to solve this problem with the audio not playing on the Anki Mobile app for iPad.
Is the problem that the sound files are mislabeled as mp3? If that’s the case, is there any guide or tutorial that would help convert the mislabeled mp3 files to actual mp3 files?
Thank you

Yep, that’s the one. Be sure to report it to the deck author.

It appears to be. Forvo has both ogg and mp3 files available. So either the site has them mislabled (which I don’t think is likely because I download mp3s from Forvo every day and they are fine) – or the add-on is changing the names.

Modifying audio files is beyond the scope of these forums, but I’m sure google can help you find a way.

Do you know of any alternative for attaching/downloading mp3 sounds from Forvo to use in the Anki flashcards?

I just get them directly from the site – it’s free with a free account.


I have an extension in Chrome setup to search a word on my favorite native-speaker-audio sites. If I like what I hear, I click download then drag the file to my field on Anki (or copy-paste the link, on sites that allow that).

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