Error playing audio

I can’t play my media files anymore, most of them are in mkv format(some in mpeg4 not sure if issue also with this type of file) size about 500 kb with an error(screenshot).
Issue appeared after iOS update on both iPhone and iPad devices.

  • rebuild database
  • reinstall anki

iPad 15.3.1 Anki 2.0.84 (20084.5)
iPhone 15.4.1 Anki 2.0.83 (20083.1)
*The issue doesn’t appear on my Windows PC

AnkiMobile relies on iOS to play the audio, so if the iOS behaviour has changed, I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done from this end. You could try renaming one of the files to .mp4, and adjust the card referencing it to point to the new filename - perhaps that will help. As mentioned in the error above, iOS already refuses to play mp3 files that have a wav extension, so perhaps iOS got stricter about other formats.

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