AnkiMobile bug: autoplay of MP3 and MP4 not working properly

Failure replication setup:

  • Enable automatic audio playback in deck options
  • Review any note with both MP3 and MP4 media

What happens:

  • When the note appears onscreen for review, MP4 playback begins simultaneously with MP3 playback, resulting in overlapping and “janky” audio.
  • When “Replay Audio” command is issued, MP4 content is not replayed. MP3 content is replayed, but weird clicking noises occur at the beginning and end of the playback session.

Please let me know if more debugging information is needed. Thank you for your time and effort!

I’m afraid there are some limitations with using autoplay with videos at the moment - they are not hooked into the rest of the audio handling infrastructure, so when autoplay is on, they will play as soon as the card is shown. It would be nice to fix this in the future, but may be some time until I can get to it unfortunately. If your card design affords it, moving the audio files to the other side of the card or turning off autoplay in the deck options may be a way you can work around the problem.